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This Week In Radio 13th July 18



Waistcoats are flying off the hangers and England have bowed out as Semi-Finalists at the 2018 world cup. That's what's happening everywhere else,…

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Doing Creative Advertising Ideas better than Anyone Else

When Communicorp UK launched we had three main focuses. One of them was to do creative advertising ideas better than anyone else.

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Tried and Tested Methods for Improving Advertising Effectiveness

How do you improve the effectiveness of your advertising? Between fierce competition in a saturated market and an instant gratification, ad avoidance…

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This Week In Radio 29th June 18



The England Men's National Team, much like commercial radio, have done a good job of changing the public perceptions of them. Whether its a 6-1…

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Improving Online Sales With Radio - 4 Quick tips

The Little-known way to Build Online Sales

With Amazon and other online marketplaces eating up all the market, it can be very hard to drive your own…

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This Week In Radio 22nd June 2018



This week has seen plenty of surprises. A brilliant Mexico team defeated an uncharacteristically poor German side, Brazil slumped to 1-1 draw with…

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This Week In Radio 15th June 2018



Anticipation is at max, excitement is boiling over. Football fever is starting to grip the nation. As the World Cup kicks off, radio stations up…

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Why Advertise On Radio - [Infographic]

Why Radio? 

It's a question we never get tired of answering because radio has so much to offer. 

Between massive reach, high powered targeted and…

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Increase Footfall and Sales With Radio Advertising

Increasing footfall is essential to driving sales and building your brand. Advertising can get you noticed and drive your customers to your door when…

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The Always Up To Date Radio Advertising Glossary
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This Week In Radio 18th May 2018

In a slightly different This Week in Radio, we'll be focusing on Radio Audio Week - which comes to a close this weekend. 

The first event of its…

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The People Behind The Product: Group Creative Director John-Paul Hughes

If there was one thing the 60’s had plenty of, it was originality. The Velvet Underground have influenced the likes of U2, Joy Division, The Talking…

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