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Radio Advertising Frequency: The Quick and Easy Guide

Radio Advertising Frequency: The Quick and Easy Guide 1


To target and engage your customers, you need to think about how many times your advert runs. That's what those in the business call 'frequency.'

This article is all about effective frequency planning. Making sure that you're heard just enough to get a perfect response. 

If that sounds interesting, read on...

What is Radio Advertising Frequency?

Radio advertising frequency is the amount of times your advert plays from a single source over a given time. Seems simple. It may well be, but it has massive implications on your campaigns health and results. 

This is often referred to in the industry as OTH (opportunities to hear). Radio advertising frequency is the difference between a bad campaign and an amazing campaign.

More specifically, radio advertising frequency is about reaching the right customers consistently.

Consistency is the key to building great brands. Look at McDonalds, Coca Cola, any great brand. They may have changed their adverts or message with the times, but their core values have remained the same.

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Then look at your favourite ad campaigns of the past and present. What did they all have in common? You were exposed to them just the right amount. Not enough to grow boring, but just enough to stay top of mind. Their frequency was spot on.


Why you Should Care About Radio Advertising Frequency

Frequency in radio advertising is vital to ensure that your brands message sticks. Effective frequency is what we call it. Research tells us that a message will bypass a listener until they’ve heard it 3 times. 

If you’re not on enough, you won’t be heard. Be on too much, and you won’t want to be heard.

Knowing the frequency of your campaign will change the type of adverts you run.

You’ll need to consider the types of creative you use in your radio advert. Say you’ve decided you want to have a punchline at the end of your ad, you’ll need to think how many times someone would hear that punchline. Jokes get old quite quickly, so unless you’re running a short-term sales response campaign, you may need to reassess the creative.

Our Advice on Frequency:

We strongly advise aiming for 4 OTH (opportunities to be heard) per week. This is the optimum radio advertising frequency. Radio advertising frequency alone isn't enough to give you great return. You need to meet your customers where they are if you really want to sell. 

If you’d like free, impartial advice on advertising frequency, you can get in touch with one of team here:

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