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This Week In Radio 4th May 2018

This Week In Radio 4th May 2018 1

This week in radio

May the fourth be with you. Here's this week in radio!

Radio Advertising Frequency: The Quick and Easy Guide

Your customers aren’t listening all the time. To target and engage them, you need to think about how many times your advert runs. Will It meet them regularly with an amazing, short term deal? Or run as a long-term brand building strategy? Either way, radio can give you the results you need through effective frequency planning.

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Radiocentre Launches Media Attribute Mapping Tool 

Have you ever struggled to differentiate the various advertising mediums out there? Could've done with a tool that visualises the core advantages and disadvantages of the mediums and put them right next to each other? 

Well the Radiocentre's Media Attribute Mapping Tool is here to answer your prayers. 

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Reinventing Radio for the Alexa Age

BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and Asian Network Controller Ben Cooper blogs for RadioToday about reinventing radio for the Alexa age. Without spoiling too much, there are great opportunities ahead for those who use audio in their advertising. 

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The GDPR Countdown Starts

In just over a month, the General Data Protection Act will be enforced. The act enables users better control over the data that they have shared or will share. The countdown for GDPR compliance begins now. Those who fail to provide transparency with their user data will find themselves with a hefty fine.

You can find a handy GDPR checklist here to make sure you comply. 


Audio Habits Can Gauge Consumer Mood

Chief economist at the Bank of England, Andy Haldane said researchers were increasingly looking at music download sites such as Spotify and studying the lyrics of songs to gauge the public mood. 

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BBC to Sell Adverts on Podcasts Overseas

The BBC has announced plans to commercial their podcasts with partner Acast - but those in the UK won't hear the adverts. 

This will be the first time that the BBC has ran advertisements on their podcasts. Acast have said it will work with the BBC to “monetise international content, while safeguarding its commitment to UK listeners” by using “advanced targeting abilities and market-leading analytics”.

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TfL Wins The Latest Aerial Award

A neat, efficient script enables excellent sound design to take the drivers seat in this advert about London buses.

For those wondering who want to know what you can achieve on the radio in a short, 30 second spot - look no further. 

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