Boosting your Brand Awareness with Radio Sponsorship

Boosting your Brand Awareness with Radio Sponsorship 1


What is Radio Sponsorship?

Radio Sponsorship builds brand awareness and boosts brand association. Sponsorship creates a powerful bond between brand and consumer and can improve the effectiveness of you radio advertising. Sponsorships is also effective in supporting your digital advertising. A multichannel approach increases your consumer's level of familiarity with your brand and improves brand recall. Continued exposure to a brand leaves an imprint on the consumer's mind, meaning when it comes to making buying decisions the consideration pool is much smaller.


Why Sponsorship?

Building brand awareness and standing out from your competitors can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. But it doesn’t have to, not with radio sponsorship. According to Radiocentre, engagement with advertising increases by 23% as a result of the messages being more personally relevant to the listener and the task they are engaged in. In turn, helping boost your brand awareness and foster trust with your audience.

It is sometimes underestimated how powerful familiarity can be. Think about some of your favourite brands such as Apple, Nike, McDonald’s. These brands are everywhere, we see and hear about them on an almost daily basis therefore they hold a place in our minds, meaning they are often our first thought when deciding on a new phone or what to have for lunch. This level of familiarity can be achieved through sponsorship.

The effectiveness of radio sponsorship can be broken down by considering the 3 behavioural biases.

  • Primacy and Recency
  • Context
  • Scarcity

These three pillars can help us understand why radio sponsorship is so impactful. Sponsorships are positioned at the beginning and end of ad breaks, making them more likely to stick in the mind of consumers.  Radio also offers the opportunity to reach people at the right moments. For example, a travel company can position their sponsorship before a weather read, therefore, tempting consumers with the prospect of some sunshine. Reaching your audience in the right context can be a powerful tool in building brand association. Radio sponsorship is a great way to align yourself with a brand that is the right fit for you and your customer. You can build prominence in the market and stand out from your competitors.


What could this mean for your business?

Sponsorship can make you famous in the minds of radio listeners.  Campaigns that generate fame can in some circumstances quadruple the efficiency of a marketing budget. Sponsorship can help build your brand reputation, awareness, and trust. Radio sponsorship would allow you to get creative and keep your brand message fresh.

So, if you want huge marketing effects, big sales and big profits radio sponsorship is the way to go.  

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