CCUK Are Now Fully Carbon Neutral

CCUK Are Now Fully Carbon Neutral 1

We are excited to share that CCUK is now a carbon neutral business.


As a business, we recognise the need to reduce our carbon footprint and address the pressing issue of climate change. At the end of 2022 we launched CCUK's Environmental Pledge, which encouraged staff to make small changes to limit their impact on the planet. We have also committed to changing our company car fleet to full electric alternatives as lease agreements end, further highlighting CCUK’s commitment to becoming a greener organisation.  

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We know that consumers are increasingly more aware of their impact on the environment. Research from Dentsu and Microsoft found that 77% of people say that, within the next five years they only want to be spending money with brands who practice green and sustainable advertising.

We hope that our decision to go carbon neutral will inspire our clients, partners, and suppliers to join us in our efforts towards a more sustainable future. 


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