Apr 08 2019

Perhaps the most trusted Brit of all time was Winston Churchill. Churchill won the absolute trust of the British people and led our country to success through it's darkest time. This trust in their leader enabled people to achieve the bravest of acts and most extraordinary results.


Fast forward to today and we are witnessing a massive breakdown in party politics leaving the British public unclear on their country's future. As the British government struggles to achieve the trust of the people it serves, we champion it as part of our core values. 


Trust is so important to us because we value the developing relationships we have with our people, clients and listeners. We agree with Stephen R. Covey, an expert in leadership and human motivation who says, "trust is the highest form of human motivation. It brings out the very best in people." 


Our values are built on integrity. It's key to developing trust and relationships. When your people trust you, they communicate well, aren't afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and are willing to go the extra mile for our listeners, customers and each other.  



Only 33% of Brits place a great deal of trust in their employers which is a problem that we are seeing right now with our country and a lot of organisations. To really succeed, people must have confidence in their leaders and we are proud to report that 95% of people at CCUK have confidence in their leadership team, and the comments in our We Do People Survey speak for themselves: 


"I love the fact we are a people company and not treated like a number. Culture plays an important part and it is taken seriously. We are made to feel part of a team, not only in our own radio station, but also as part of Communicorp UK."


With Brexit uncertainty, people are unclear of the future with no clarity on what we are aiming for. Now more than ever is a crucial time for leaders to work with their people to build trust. We do this by giving our people a say in their culture and we make decisions on the things that matter most to them.