Jan 28 2019

At Communicorp UK, our creative philosophy is to ‘awaken possibility’. That’s because we believe that’s what Creativity does. It enhances and enriches people’s lives. Creativity makes emotional connections, can change the world for better and fuels human progress. It enables our people to express themselves giving them the opportunity to create impact and legacy.
As a creative business, it’s our job to tell stories on behalf of our customers, capturing hearts and minds and making good clients loved by good people.

In the last year, we have evolved from a business with a creative department to a creative business launching CCUK Create, our creative, collaborative and progressive approach to ideas that deliver results.


In today’s highly specialised, multi-platform world, making great ideas real takes more than one brain. So, we combined five product specialisms with our 5Cs (creativity, communication, collaboration, courage and cohesion) to create genuine, unique value for our customers.

Over the next five days we will be talking about each Creative C. Check back each day as we take you through the 5Cs. 




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Cohesion is the action of forming a united whole. The way an orchestra with each individual musician, a world class specialist, come together to create a symphony. Each, a master of their craft, playing their part in service to the music, understanding the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s Cohesion and this is exactly how we see CCUK Create as an orchestra. We collaborate by pushing and challenging each other through communication, collaboration, courage and cohesion making our people more effective. When everyone has value, we liberate the energy, imagination and momentum of our people to create the best work of careers and outstanding results for our clients.



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The definition of courage is doing something that frightens you. To do that, we must expand our minds, learn new skills and challenge ourselves every day. We follow our gut by having brave conversations, putting real emotion into our ideas and presentations, leading to memorable and impactful work. Grab it by the balls. We all need to take risks, we may not like doing it, it will feel difficult, but these things will help us. Having courage helps us to solve problems, be more creative and have better ideas. Sometimes, shit happens and we all need to learn from our mistakes. We’re not afraid of having a few stinkers along the way. Courage and bravery is a choice. To create work with genuine impact, we must be brave enough to do something that others don’t.



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Communication is fundamental to the story we must tell and sell. It’s always more effective as a two-way street. If it’s only flowing one way, it’s not going to land, even your brain has a habit of talking in two’s. Communication is about telling a story and we all love a good story. They are entirely subjective. What you love is shaped entirely by your own life experience. By telling better stories, we communicate with our colleagues and clients in a more persuasive and impactful way.



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“Talent wins games – but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time – knew he would have won nothing without his team. 

To not only win games, but Championships – we need to Collaborate. And there’s another good reason too. As Amy Poehler, someone who is closer to my own athletic ability than Jordan was, suggests you: “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.  No one is here today because they did it on their own.” To find satisfaction in what we do, we want to be part of something bigger, something greater than what we can achieve by ourselves.  To be pushed and challenged while lifting others with us. That’s why one of our focuses for 2019 will be Collaboration – as Create teams, with our clients, products and platforms – to achieve our dreams, win Championships for our clients and do the best work of our careers.



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Creativity and ideas matter because they fuel human progress. Creativity is not a talent reserved for an exclusive few. Everyone has it. And people who are good at it, just work harder at it. They don’t stop on the first idea or the cliché that springs to mind. Creativity starts with curiosity. Put a breadth of more interesting things in your head and better ideas will come out. Something creative is non-obvious and valuable. Creativity is how you stand out from the crowd. If our clients want people to pay them money, they must first, pay them attention. You can’t stand out by fitting in. Being creative is not easy but we know it’s the best way to improve our client’s results, our work, businesses, lives and the world around us.