May 15 2018

My Post (11)-1

Today commercial radio and the BBC came together in a historic moment to shine a light on the important issue of mental health. In one minute The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry joined with Dame Judi Dench, Dame Jessica Ennis, David Harewood and Lady Gaga to deliver a striking message.


This broadcast marked the beginning of Mental Health Awareness week with a focus on stress, a major contributor to mental health in the UK. Many of us have either experienced it first hand or seen how it affects others and know that if it isn’t handled effectively it can lead to more serious problems and outcomes.


Worries about things like money, work and family can be overwhelming and more organisations are aiming to enable employees to tackle problems before they become too difficult to handle by encouraging good mental health practices and communications.


At Communicorp UK, we are showing our commitment by investing in our own employee wellbeing platform, Me Space. This gives our people access to a confidential service which provides guidance, counselling and learning about five key topics: Life, Family, Health, Money and Work. 


This new service is available as a desktop and mobile app as well as a learning programme on our Learning Hub. Our aim is to grow our culture of learning and align this with the importance of looking after your mind, body and relationships. 


Learning doesn’t have to be formal or time consuming so our learning bites are a variety of TEDx, podcasts and articles which take no more than 10 minutes at a time to digest and inspire you to create a positive change. Invest time in yourself. Create a little Me Space every day and be your best you.Me Space