May 29 2018

jamie kehoe


Individuality is now, more than ever, a concern for young professionals. How can they integrate into a team without losing what it is that has made them who they are? It's a very fine balance. One that Jamie, our latest intern, believes CCUK are getting right.

We had the chance to catch up with Jamie and discuss his very first podcast, first day jitters and the CCUK culture.  

What drew you to radio?

"Since secondary school I've always had some kind of audio presence. I started with gaming podcasts. Me and my friends used to put towels around the cracks on the door to my bedroom to try and soundproof it. We still picked up my Mum hoovering. From there I went into charity radio while at college and student radio at university. My skills may have developed but I still feel the same kind of excitement I did all them years ago using towels for soundproofing."

Jamie is CCUK's first content marketer, a role that sees him take on a variety of challenges from targeted email marketing, SEO, blog writing and even motion graphic designing. 

"I'm always looking for new ways tell a story. Stories that, ultimately, change opinion. Content Marketing isn't a new thing, but I do feel like it's undervalued. It's about being able to move away from salesy jargon and develop discussions around topics that help solve a customers problem."

What have you enjoyed the most since joining CCUK?

"I've come from a creative background. Before this role I was working in radio drama and scriptwriting. It's become a bit of a primal urge for me to want to express myself through my work. So that's what I've been enjoying the most. Being given a task but the also being given creative autonomy. It's liberating and helps me write my best stuff."


How were your first few days? 

"Naturally, I was nervous. On my first day I spent a good 5 minutes deciding where I should put my lunch in the fridge. Can't put it there, might knock someone's something over. Finally, the alarm went off, everyone looked at me and I just threw it in. What do they say about first impressions?"

"Seriously, everyone was super supportive. I had met everyone I needed to meet within the first week and was cracking on with my on-boarding. I also had a goody bag. I now think goody bags should be mandatory. CCUK have spoilt me."

How would you describe our culture?

"A lot of businesses get this wrong. They mistake a progressive culture for a ‘me too’ culture. CCUK recognises that individuals bring more than just a job description. I didn't want to be just another intern. I have something to say. CCUK communicated to me quite clearly that that was what they were looking for. 

I think that was what sold it to me in the interview and I'm happy to say that it's a promise kept" 

What does the future hold for you and your role?

"We're developing some really high quality bits of content. I'm talking about ebooks that people can't wait to download. That they just have to forward to their friend because it's going to solve all their problems. 

We're almost there with that."

Would you recommend CCUK as a great place to work?

"I'd recommend it as a great place to grow and develop, to meet new people and challenge yourself."


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