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Can You Trust Radio Advertising?

Can You Trust Radio Advertising? 4



Forget 'Fake News', forget ad blocks and YouTube boycotts. Radio has got some 'Real News' for you:  

Radio is most trusted medium for news, entertainment and ads. 

As reported in the most recent public opinion survey undertaken by the European Commission. 

Trust is one of the most powerful currencies in business and marketing and it's currently high on the list of priorities of many brands. 

“Trust in media is set to be a big topic of discussion in 2018, so it is really encouraging that this new research once again finds radio to be the most trusted medium in Europe." 

-Siobhan Kenny, CEO of Radiocentre

This blog explores trust and its importance to gaining the most from advertising campaigns and why Radio is the most trusted medium in the country.


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How Important is Trust

48% of people across the UK trust radio for news and advertisements. Making it the most trusted medium in Britain

This study highlights the continued role trust has to play in media and, by default, your campaigns. 

This European study also mirrors the results of a recent YouGov poll which reported that 73% of UK citizens trust Radio for their local and regional news. 

Trust is a crucial part of the buying journey and advertising is all about influencing your customers buying. 

There was a time where trust was a bi-product of status. For example, the old Lucky Strikes adverts leveraged trusted pillars of society, in this case; the Physicians. Consumers were more inclined to believe the "It's Toasted!" slogan and the message with it because it was associated to a caregiver. Times have changed. 


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For us, trust is a precious commodity. With easy access to information and insights customers have become more informed and naturally sceptical. It's harder than ever to nurture trust in your customers buying journey in a way that's authentic. 

A targeted Facebook ad that has just appeared on someone’s news feed is now like the strange man in a dark alley who steps out promising quality jewellery. They didn't ask for this ad. They don't want this ad. They don't trust this ad. 

With 48% of the UK public trusting radio, your customers will be ready and willing to engage with your radio advertisement. Remember:  If people don't trust the medium, they won't trust the message. 

Building trust starts with the messages you choose to share and where you share it. 

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Here are a few Reason Why Radio is Universally Trusted:

Touchpoints + Reach = Proven ROI

There will be times where your customers are in a certain mode. We call these times ‘touchpoints’, common touchpoints are the school run, morning commute or football traffic.

These touchpoints provide you with a chance to connect with your customers when they’re in a very specific mood. 

Getting the context just right for your adverts can be the difference between a regular campaign and a standout campaign. 

Radio combines touchpoints with big reach, to provide relevance at scale. On average you can reach more in the market consumers during the day through radio. For example, Smooth Northwest has a weekly reach of 42.9 Million adults (monitored in Q3 2017).

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Having the abilities to reach so many people at highly optimised times means radio is a trusted and continued provider of solid programming and, for you, return on investment. According to a RadioCentre study, the average brand return on investment is £7.70. 

Many aspects contribute to that impressive return on investment figure. Relevance, high frequency, brilliant standards of creative. Trust is the glue that holds it all together. 

Radio is an Emotional multiplier

People use media to improve their mood, but not many can boast being called a ‘feel good’ medium. Radio has been found to boost happiness and quadruple energy levels after over 1000 Britons were asked to record their moods while using media. Listeners can always rely on radio to improve their mood leading to a massive basis of trust. 

This was proven in a recent study conducted by Ebiquity, titled Re-evaluating Media. The study found that Radio triggers one of the highest levels of emotional response out of all media. Ebiquity and those involved in the study attributed this to Radio's personal touch and it's place in peoples home

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Your customers are everywhere, and so is radio. Local news is trusted. Even Facebook has realised this with Facebook planning to push more local news. Mark Zuckerberg said in a blog post; “local news helps us understand the issues that matter in our communities”. He hopes the move will encourage people to get involved in local issues and “make a difference”.

We're way ahead of you, Mr Zuckerberg. Local radio stations have been the foundations of the Radio's trust, as these stations, up and down the country, work tirelessly to provide their listeners with the most relevant content and coverage. 

This was exemplified when the 'Beast in the East' hit the British Isles in early March 2018. During the cold snap roads were closed, schools shut, and people trapped. Where did they go for their updates? Radio.

Radio saw a massive spike in listenership during this time further showing the levels of trust vested in Radio as a medium. 

This extends to news coverage as this Radiocentre study found that 79% agree commercial radio provides helpful, concise updates on the news throughout the day.

Radio is a safe environment for your adverts

While digital advertisers are finding their ads appearing next to malicious or offensive content on other websites or social media, Radio is maintaining a safe environment for your ads. 

The research, from Ebiquity, found that radio's high levels of regulation and editorial environment cultivate this safe space and lead to a massive vote of confidence in radio from advertisers. 

This safe environment will be the foundation for your communications and allow you to make the best possible first impression. 

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What can radio do for you?

Perhaps in the future trust will be trumped by responsibility and transparency from big, influential brands. For now, you need a medium that's trusted to connect you with your customers. Radio trust has never been higher.  

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