How Brands can Build Brand Awareness

How Brands can Build Brand Awareness 2

Why is brand awareness important?

Brand awareness comes from understanding your target audience and building a genuine connection with them. We live in a world where every brand wants to be number one in the consumer’s minds and with endless information available to consumers to research and compare brands this means the competition is fierce.

Building strong brand awareness propels your brand to the next level. Creating a brand story and showing consumers the personality behind the brand can go a long way in establishing trust between customer and brand.

Brand awareness leads to brand association. The term “Google it” is embedded into our vocabulary and most people wouldn’t think twice when hearing the phrase. This is the power of brand association. Associating your brand with a product or actions to the point your brand name replaces the common words means you are now in a position where the average person is marketing your product for you.

But how do you build brand awareness? There are 4 main things you as a brand can do to boost your brand awareness.

4 tips for building your brand awareness

Know your audience

Knowing the needs and wants of your target audience ensures you can provide them with a product or service that meets those needs, in turn encouraging brand loyalty and association. Carrying out research is a great way to gain insight into your target audience. Whether that is carrying out surveys or looking at past consumer data and understanding what has resonated with consumers in the past. Reviewing your customer feedback is also a great tool in building an understanding of your customers. It’s important that your brand is seen to be taking a proactive approach to customer feedback. Consumers want to feel seen and heard so being open to constructive feedback can go a long way in building a strong relationship between brand and customer.

Showcase your personality

To stand out from competitors it’s important to show a side of your business that will resonate with consumers. What are your values, what do you care about as a company these are all of the things that help consumers build a deeper connection with brands. People today are less interested in buying from a faceless organisation and instead want to know more about the people behind the brand. Companies like Google and Apple invest a lot into establishing a brand personality. Creative, innovative, collaborative is most likely some of the words that come to mind when you think of these types of companies. This is because they share this side of their brand personality with consumers, and it is extremely effective. Research has shown that 57.5% of customers said they are more likely to buy from a brand with a strong personality (Adzooma). Radio advertising is a great example of using your advertising to help build your personality, whether it is creating a sonic brand or using emotion to connect with your audience. 

Tell consumers your story

As well as showcasing your personality, telling the story of your brand and how you got to where you are is also a powerful tool. People are drawn to brands that feel genuine and relatable. Successful businesses don’t just pop up out of nowhere, they are built. Consumers what to hear about that. Authenticity can set you apart from others on the market and make your product or service stick in the consumer’s mind.

Harness the power of word-of-mouth

Nothing tells you someone loves your brand more than when they recommend it to their family and friends. According to Neilson, more than 90% of people trust recommendations from their family and friends over an advertisement or sales representatives. Word of Mouth marketing is an extremely effective tactic to draw attention to your brand and build brand awareness. We have mentioned how important brand trust and genuine B2C connections are, word of mouth is a great way to do this. A great way to generate word of mouth is by making your content sharable and creating catchy memorable content that with have a lasting impression on consumers.

To download and share our bite-size guide to building brand awareness click here.



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