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Apr 16 2018

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Have you ever been stuck in traffic and noticed that crack in your windscreen. How big was it yesterday? Was it even there yesterday? As you're wracking your brain, a jingle comes on the radio. Windscreen repair. 

Some would call it destiny, coincidence... we call it 'touchpoints'. Contextual advertising that leverages the power of the now.

What are 'Touchpoints'?

With the sheer amount of messages out there, yours need to be authentic, personalised and, most importantly, highly targeted.

'Touchpoints' are key times in the day where your customers are in a certain mode and perfect for targeted advertising campaigns.

Studies have proven that our minds naturally look for consistency in thoughts. A whole field, named Congruity Study, has been devoted to the study of this phenomenon. 

'Touchpoints' stem from this idea by giving advertisers a chance to connect with their customers when they are subconsciously looking to align their thoughts with what they're currently engaged with. 

When you're stuck in traffic and a bus goes past in the bus lane that's totally free, your thinking about how much easier it would be if you were on that bus. That's when a radio ad for a local bus company plays. 

Ebiquity's Re-evaluating Media report, commissioned by Radiocentre, studied the worth of different Media. It surveyed over 100 top advertising decision makers and evidence gathered from the latest studies in the UK.


The evidence revealed that radio was number 1 for targeting the right people at the right times, but advertisers and agencies believed radio fared poorly in this department. Despite these perceptions, the evidence is irrefutable.

Radio is the best option for targeting the right people at the right time and 'touchpoints' have a massive role to play in that targeting. 

We put everything you need about 'touchpoints' in a handy info-graphic: Download it here!

Why are 'Touchpoints' Important?

We are all hit with multitude of messages ever day, your customers included. That makes your connections with customers precious, important. 'Touchpoints' help get around this consumption trend and create messages that are specifically targeted at what they're engaged with at point of contact. 

Think about it. What would you engage with more? An ad that seems to read your mind? That jumps out and grabs you because 'I was just thinking about that!' or an Ad that just fades into the background because it's just not relevant to you and what you're doing. 

As an advertiser you're under constant pressure to prove your marketing effectiveness. You need something efficient and cost-effective. Something you can guarantee will connect with your customers consistently at the times they're most likely to take action. That's where radio and the 'touchpoints' it offers come in.

Radio Provides 'Touchpoints' effectively 

Smooth Radio North West, the outright number one commercial radio station in the region,  reaches 368,000 adults during weekday drive time (4pm to 7pm) and 473,000 adults during weekday breakfast (6am to 10am).*

This is a great example of a radio 'touchpoint'. If you want to connect with thousands of customers when they're in a buying mode, get in touch below and we can help build a tailored campaign for your brand:

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 *Source: RAJAR/Ipsos-MORI/RSMB six months ended December 2017 within the Smooth Radio North West TSA