Jun 25 2018


The Little-known way to Build Online Sales

With Amazon and other online marketplaces eating up all the market, it can be very hard to drive your own online sales. If you're main objective is to build internet sales then you've likely got a marketing scheme in place to support it. But is it bringing in the right kind of traffic? 

Radio advertising is a call to action medium that has been found to drive online browsing by 52%So if you're looking to improve your online selling, keep reading and find out how radio drives online response. 

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Focus on your 'Call-to-action'

When you need to improve your online sales it pays to be focused. Giving your prospects clear instructions and direction will help quickly move them down a marketing and sales funnel.

Radio speaks directly to you prospect and can help build an intimate, trusted bond that can help quickly get them moving towards your objectives, if it’s a website click, a phone call or a response.

Improve Customers Mood to Improve Their Spend

Your customers, just like you, are human. We seek out happiness in all things we do and, once we've found it, the increase in mood has an impact on many things - including our wallet. 

According to Touchpoints (the body who monitors audio satisfaction in the UK) audio, especially commercial radio, contributes to a positive mood.

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Compel Your Customers To Browse Your Site 

Say it's your time to take out the bin. You've been asked a few times to take them out but you still can't drag yourself away from your laptop. Only when you're reminded that the bin men won't be round for another two weeks because it's a bank holiday next week do you jump out your seat and take action. 

Being asked to do something is very rarely something that can compel you. Your customers need to be made to care. To think differently about a problem that you have provided a solution to. 

Radio, without visual aids, relies heavily on imaginative and compelling creative. 

Get Played A Lot, For Less. 

If you need a short term sales response, you'll need your ad to be played a lot in a short space of time. This is the only way to have an impact on a market that has so many different stimuli. 

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